Upgrade your expectations of mini C-arm performance

For those who desire more, TAU 1515 delivers the innovative features you expect from an Orthoscan mini C-arm.

A larger detector and live image give you the freedom to view anatomy as it needs to be seen. Pulsed fluoroscopy and other dose-saving features reduce your dose without sacrificing image quality. Pediatric indication – an industry first – broadens your patient base.

Bring new opportunities to your facility and patients with Orthoscan TAU 1515.

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Anatomy Revealed

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See more on-screen content with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 in bright detail on a hi-bright 24″ monitor for an immersive work experience.

Powered by Orthotouch 2.0 — the advanced touchscreen interface — with color interface, touch support, anatomical selections, and pediatric software.

Expect exceptional diagnostic imagery with a 12″ x 12″ live image to see fine details of anatomy with vivid clarity

Imaging Evolved

With a 15cm x 15cm detector, TAU 1515 provides 25-33% largersurface area compared to conventional mini C-arms*.

Keep your focus on the patient and not the equipment by achieving preferred views with fewer shots, improving your workflow and reducing exposure to you and your patients.

A Mini C-arm That Works With You

1. LED lights | Insufficient lighting during a case can make it challenging to see anatomy clearly. Unique to the Orthoscan TAU family, surgical LED lights provide additional illumination on the anatomy. Eliminate shadows cast from the C-arm and the OR so you can work with certainty.

2. Bilateral controls | New backlit controls are easier to see with additional buttons for upgraded functionality.

3. C-arm design | Focus on your case with an increased orbital rotation of 160°, larger arc depth of 20”, and improved umbilical cable. Effortlessly maneuver the C-arm to attain preferred views without stressing your patient’s anatomy.

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