The superior choice in mini C-arm imaging

Blur the lines between mini and full size C-arms.

See more with the largest monitor and detector ever available on a mini C-arm. Reach new patients with first-in-class pediatric indication. Work safer with pulsed fluoroscopy and other dose-saving features.

Orthoscan TAU 2020. Expand your capabilities with the most advanced mini C-arm on the market.

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Anatomy Revealed

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TAU 2020 introduces the largest screen on a mini C-arm. Experience optimal eye comfort on a hi-bright, 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor.

Powered by Orthotouch 2.0 — the advanced touchscreen interface — with color interface, touch support, anatomical selections, and pediatric software.

Increased visibility provides more information with richer detail to quickly and accurately diagnose patients.

Imaging Evolved

Over twice the size of detectors found on conventional mini C-arms*, an industry-leading 20cm x 20cm detector takes the potential of the mini C-arm to the next level.

Confirm joint space with accuracy, see fractures in full view, and save dose by minimizing shots so that you can work efficiently. Combined with pediatric indication, image anatomy in ways never before possible on a mini C-arm.

A Mini C-arm That Works With You

1. LED LIGHTS | Insufficient lighting during a case can make it challenging to see anatomy clearly. Unique to the Orthoscan TAU family, surgical LED lights provide additional illumination on the anatomy. Eliminate shadows cast from the C-arm and the OR so you can work with certainty.

2. STEPLESS COLLIMATOR | Introducing the industry’s first motorized collimator in a mini C-arm. With the touch of a finger, infinitely adjust via the touchscreen interface to minimize radiation exposure and reduce patient dose while limiting the area of interest.

3. BILATERAL CONTROLS | New backlit controls are easier to see with additional buttons for upgraded functionality.

4. C-ARM DESIGN | Focus on your case with an increased orbital rotation of 160°, larger arc depth of 20”, and improved umbilical cable. Effortlessly maneuver the C-arm to attain preferred views without stressing your patient’s anatomy.

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